Can You Beat Online Poker?


Can online poker be truly beat? This question has always been on the minds of players and has been the quest of many. But can it be done? In a knockout post, one expert says that no one can beat the game itself because the game is not the one to beat. The thing to beat is number one, yourself, and your opponents. Perhaps the hardest person to beat would be one’s self if you want to consistently win at online poker tournaments. The goal would not win every time but to win consistently that it doesn’t hurt your bankroll and it will just add up. Below are some tips designed to give you that coveted success in online poker tournaments.

Dig In For the Long Haul

     In a knockout post, another expert revealed that in order to get these consistent wins, one should always be prepared for long sessions, as most of this buy-in tournaments take several hours to complete. If you do not come in prepared for this eventuality, you might let down your guard and be sidetracked. Some games last the whole night as much as 9 hours and if you can sleep the next day, all is well and good, but if you still have a job to attend to you might be in trouble.

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Steel Yourself For The Ups and Downs

     Small stakes poker tournaments typically go through a huge number of opponents. Many of these opponents can be nearly impossible to put on a hand. The unpredictability of outcomes is exacerbated by the sheer number of players in these tournaments. If you are ready for this it would not be a problem because you would have been prepared for the long haul.


Keep It Simple

      Never try an elaborate bluff in small stakes online poker tournaments as this would actually go unnoticed. In a knockout post, an expert said that a lot of your opponents will only care what cards they have in their hands and would only want to go straight into a showdown.

Lay Down Some Big Hands

      Listen to other players, because when they are loud it is probably the opposite of what they have in their hands. DO not be suckered into their game as they will drag you down with them when they go down.

Do Not Worry About Being “Balanced”

     A balanced gameplay is only good if you are higher up the food chain in the online poker world. But in small stakes tournaments, the sheer number of opponents makes this as impractical as possible. There is no danger about anyone here spotting any patterns on your play as the turnaround is simply ridiculous.